In-game Setup:

At the Wild Area Day Care, you should already have two Pokemon deposited, and the Day Care lady should have an Egg ready to pick up.

You should have any Pokemon in Slot 1 of your party, and a Pokemon with Flame Body/Steam Engine in Slot 2. The rest of your party should be full, but it doesn’t matter what Pokemon they are.

Open up your Pokemon boxes, and navigate to an empty box. This isn’t necessary, but it helps keep all the new baby Pokemon all in one place.

In the in-game settings, you should have nicknaming set to off, and auto send to PC off.

Fly to the Day Care Center in the Wild Area (North East of Motostoke). Be sure that in your start menu, the cursor stays over the “Map” button.

Console Setup

Add the .GPC to a slot on your Titan Two device. An SD Card may be necessary.

Connect your controller to the Titan Two device. Connect the Titan Two to your Nintendo Switch.

If all the setup detailed above is complete, you can hit “R” on your controller to start the automated egg hatching process. You can hit “R” at any time to prevent the script from looping. You can cancel the automation entirely at any time by switching your memory slot on the Titan Two.


Ideally, you should have a Shiny Charm and Round Charm to maximize your chances of getting an Shiny/spawning an egg.

Be sure to check back ever hour or so, in very rare instances a wandering Pokemon may throw off the auto-hatching process.

This may script currently may not work for all Pokemon. Some Pokemon with longer hatch cycles (ex. Dreepy) may need a longer version of the script.

Need Help?

Reach out to Googie#0001 on Discord. You can find me on my server: