Tips for an Effective Twitch Stream Title

When you go live, there’s a lot of different ways viewers might find you. The most common method is through browsing the game directories. In this arena, streamers only have two tools for sticking out: their thumbnail, and their stream title. While you don’t have a way to control how your thumbnail appears (Twitch takes a screenshot of your stream randomly) you can really stand out with the proper use of a stream title.

Here’s some ideas for a strong, catchy title:

What mode you’re playing
i.e. Duos Scrims
Some viewers want to watch a specific type of gameplay. Help them find what they’re looking for!

Your Rank/Skill level
i.e. Top 500 Worldwide – Diamond Moira
This kind of title would attract

If you’re doing an especially long stream
i.e. 24-HOUR Marathon Ranked Grind
Letting folks know you’re gonna be live for a long time encourages them to come back multiple times, even if they tune out to watch others and come back after a bit.

Personal records
i.e. Just hit S+ in Rainmaker 
Show you’re not gonna stop with a single victory – let people know they can look forward to more of your achievements if they tune in!

Special events/Charity Info
i.e. Twitch Pride Charity Stream!
Let people know you’re doing an event! It encourages questions in the chat.

Special commands unique to your stream
i.e. Take on the Champ! | !queue !rules
Putting the commands in the title helps reduce repetitive “how do I join” questions in the chat.

Keep in mind, you can mix and match these to make an even stronger stream title! The more information your title gives, the more likely the right kind of people will find your stream. Just try to keep it short – a title that gets cut off on mobile isn’t very helpful! Prioritize key information to the front of the title, and you should be fine.

Just as much as a title can help you, it can hurt your chances of getting a new viewer. You want to avoid giving people the wrong impression about your content, so be sure to avoid putting things in the title that give a negative perception of what your content is all about.

Here’s a few things that you should never include in your title:

The game you’re playing
i.e. Fortnite with Viewers
While it’s awesome that you’re playing with viewers, we already guessed you were playing Fortnite because you’re streaming in the Fortnite directory! In this case, “Viewer Games” would be more fitting.

i.e. I suck at this game
Viewers want to watch people get excited/passionate about games – negative attitude in the title implies the streamer is gonna be a downer too! Even if you’re comically bad at something, framing things negatively can result in a bad first impression.

i.e. [Giveaway] Playing with Viewers
Now, this is totally your call, but in most cases this kind of title is only going to attract people interested in the giveaway. Once that’s done, those people will leave and look for the next freebie.

These are simple examples, but take a look at Fortnite’s game directory on Twitch. Without looking at the streamers, which broadcasts stick out to you? Are there any that you want to click on and see more of? Chances are, the stream title is going to influence who you eventually click on. The same situation applies to your potential viewers, so learning how to come up with an effective Twitch stream title is a very important skill!