Streamer Spotlight: WabbaPlays

Channel: WabbaPlays
Started Streaming: October 2017
Main Games: NHL, Overwatch, Hatsune Miku Project Diva
System of Choice: PS4

Googie: Why did you get into streaming?

Wabba: So I kind of knew what Twitch was, but my brother in law Zamb1esaurus told me about streaming and made it seen really fun. I thought it would be a cool way to interact with others who also enjoyed the same games as me. Met more people who like Miku (more than I thought were out there) so I’m glad I started!

Googie: NHL and Miku seem like very different fandoms. Have any of your viewers who like one of those genres find that they really like the other as well?

Wabba: So not really haha. I’ve had folks who have been with me since rhythm games. They don’t necessarily like or know hockey, but like hanging out which is what I think twitch is best at. Even if you don’t prefer or know the game, it’s the streamer that makes the experience, so hopefully I can introduce new genres of games to people who may not have known about or been interested in them!

Googie: What’s your favorite thing about streaming?

Wabba: Streaming gives me an outlet to be creative and learn something new. I always have had a creative hobby from video, to Photoshop, to poetry (fun fact: I’m a published poet!) but once got to the working world, I didn’t have that outlet. Now that I’m streaming, I’m able to create again, as silly as that sounds. And not only that, but I can share that experience with others and I think that’s super cool.

Googie: Have you ever had any hurdles when it comes to streaming? How have you worked past them?

Wabba: The first big challenge I had was about networking. I have never had a problem networking, IRL I’m actually very good at it, but with Twitch, I didn’t know where to start. So what I did was join Facebook groups and visit others streams to get an idea of what other people’s streams were like. (Remember, I didn’t watch Twitch regularly!) I first ran into SantaroTV’s stream back when he would speedrun FF4 and Ultomo who I thought was a super cool, nice guy, playing League of Legends. I ultimately joined Grandudius’ 24-hour anniversary stream, learned about TWNN, and later joined their Discord and met amazing supportive people who have helped me grow. For me, I think it was finding a good group, and while not necessary, it can help you find your way in the beginning and going forward.

Also, another challenge I had when I started was defining my channel. I started with playing a niche rhythm game that I wasn’t good at but I liked it, as well as Overwatch. I had some growth from it and met some fantastic, amazing people who I still talk to regularly today, but it was when I got into hockey games where my channel took off. Meeting people who also played hockey, other successful streamers and watching their channels and being positive about the game that we all played led to unwarranted and appreciated support from these amazing NHL streamers.

Googie: Do you have any tips for streamers out there who may be starting out new?

Wabba: There are very popular games out there and I could have played games like Fortnite. While there is nothing wrong with playing this game, I’m not very good and its not my favorite genre. So, I selected a game about my favorite sport that I could put more time into getting better at and that I had already spent considerable time playing. If you are passionate about the game, growth and success will come because it will show in your stream!

Googie: Do you have any favorite streamers?

Wabba: Landerkog and TheDejTV are great NHL streamers. Dej raided me randomly because I said I looked like a nice guy. His awesome community came in and he whispered me about other folks I should check out and he had told them about me before I got there. He had no reason to help me or to introduce me to other streamers he knew, but he still does even today. Lander is a Twitch partner who is super nice and really good at NHL. He has been very supportive of my channel and I learn how to play better by watching his, as well as how to make my in-game team better. Even though he teases me about being practically dead last in rankings sometimes, he has an awesome community. Because of them, I have top met players like CrystalPancake and big streamers who I watch like Tougie and Dab, and I’ve met other NHL streamers who are so supportive like StitchedBizkit and BakerandTymo. It’s an amazing community.

One more recently is GoldenGuyWest. I found this dude while searching for lower volume Fortnite players (I suck at the game but like watching it) and this guy was so genuinely nice and funny, he can connect to people so easily. I would just hang in his stream while I worked and always had a lot of fun. When he joined TWNN, I was ecstatic and when he got affiliated, I went nuts. This dude deserves folk’s time and attention, and he is a very silly and authentically kind streamer.

Googie: What do you do outside of streaming?

Wabba: I play a lot of games I don’t stream, though I should. I’m either in the gym against my will, watching movies with Queen0fthenorth, or taking care of my cat Titus or the internet famous doggo Welkin.

Googie: Anything else you’d like to share about your stream?

Wabba: I may not be the best at the games I play, but I guarantee you’ll have fun. When I play a game like COD, its easy in terms of being decent. If you’ve played a shooter, you get it. NHL is something I have to work at; there is always someone better. I have been practicing and the progress is noticeable, but I’m not done yet! Even if you don’t like hockey, I am the only channel on Twitch to play a sports game with anime music playing, and we’ll probably end up arguing who the best Persona 5 girl is and why its Ann. I’ll be getting into some different games this summer and would love to meet you all so I hope you’ll stop by! My Twitter game is also on point, so feel free to tweet at me about anything, ways I can help, or just silly memes. I usually post pictures of my dog #Welkin. Thanks for reading and thanks to Googie for letting me take part in this!

Googie: No problem my dude! Thanks for your time!

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