(Re)introducing Bit Boss!

Use bits to own the stream!

Long time viewers may remember a few months back, the channel featured the "Stream Boss." By cheering with bits, viewers can claim the "Boss" title and be featured on stream... That is, until they are dethroned by another viewer! Due to some complications with Stream Labs, I had to remove the feature from the channel. However...

I'm happy to announce that Bit Boss is back, and with a vengeance!

How it works

Users can cheer with bits in the chat. Bits can be used to attack the current boss, or heal themselves (if they're the current boss).

  • Bits deal 1HP of damage, or heal 1HP of damage - so if you donate 100 bits, you can 100HP of damage!
  • By subbing or re-subbing, you automatically deal 500 bits of damage to the existing boss!
  • The person who deals the finishing blow to the boss, takes over as the new Stream Boss!



RoboMauve starts out at 100HP...

...but the dastardly Naijrok attacks with 50 bits!

Then a sneaky Googie swoops in for the kill with 150 bits! Googie becomes the new Bit Boss!

The bits amount used in the final blow becomes the HP of the new Bit Boss, with 100 as the minimum. As an example, if Googie defeats RoboMauve with a 150 bit attack, then Googie's Bit Boss HP will be 150, no matter how much HP RoboMauve had left.

Let the Bit Wars Begin!


If you're a streamer interested in adding Bit Boss to your channel, I recommend checking out the original Bit Boss here: https://www.bitbossbattles.io