Watch the stream, get rewarded!

Hey chum, so you got some Sea Snails, huh? I can hook you up with some cool perks… for a price.

!redeem 1 [weapon/character of your choice] – 10,000 Super Sea Snails
You choose the weapon/character! Pick which hero or class you’d like me to play for 2 matches!

!redeem 2 [insert the greeting of your choice] – 50,000 Super Sea Snails
Personalized greeting from RoboMauve! Choose a text greeting you want RoboMauve to greet you with when you first chat in the channel each stream!

!redeem 3 –  [insert text command of your choice] – 100,000 Super Sea Snails
Your own personalized command! Choose a text command, and I’ll add it as a command that anyone can use! The command will be !yourname.

!redeem 4 – 50,000,000 Super Sea Snails
For exposure! Get added to my Twitch auto host list! When I’m not live, your stream will be featured on my channel!

!redeem 5 – 1,000,000,000 Super Sea Snails
Super Fresh Googie Stickers. Get a set of limited edition Googie stickers! Stickers will be based on channel art. (You pay for shipping!)

Note: I’ll private message you on Twitch for details on this one!

!redeem 6 – 2,000,000,000 Super Sea Snails
Official Googie T-shirt. Let the world know how you dominated Octo Valley with a super FRESH Googie T-shirt! The T-shirt is the same one sold one the Official Googie Store! (You pay for shipping!)

Note: I’ll private message you on Twitch for details on this one!

Sea Snails FAQ

Check how many Sea Snails you have by typing !points in the chat!

What the h*ck are Super Sea Snails?
Super Sea Snails are loyalty points. You earn them by watching the stream or gambling in Octo Valley. You also earn bonus Super Sea Snails when you Follow or Subscribe to the channel! Sometimes, Googie will give out bonus points to people who are active in the chat!

What can I do with Super Sea Snails?
Spend them on sweet perks! Sea Snails are also used to determine your rank (shown when you check your points). Whether points are used to earn perks, or just to show off, is up to you!

How do I redeem Super Sea Snails?

Type !redeem # in chat, where # corresponds to the perk you’d like to redeem (listed above). E.g. !redeem 3

If what you want to redeem requires more detail, add the detail after the initial command. E.g. !redeem 1 Octobrush will mean that I have to use the Octobrush for the next two rounds in Splatoon!

Can I purchase Super Sea Snails?

No. Super Sea Snails can only be earned from watching the stream or gambling. Direct purchasing of Sea Snails via Donations or Bit Cheers is against Twitch TOS.