Partnership Announcement: Player One Esports

Partnership? Player One Esports?

As many of you within the Googie Gang community know, streaming has become a huge part of my life over the past year. In just one year, we’ve hit so many milestones as a community. As we go into “Year 2 of Googie,” I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking a huge step forward in working towards becoming a full-time streamer!

It is with great pleasure that I will be joining Player One Esports as a Partner Streamer!

Player One Esports is an organization that hosts eSports events (such as tournaments) for popular games such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG, and more! I’ve always been a big advocate of building a community through friendly competition, and Player One shares that sentiment as one of their core values. As one of their Partnered Streamers, I’ll be taking some Googie razzle-dazzle to their Twitch channel to help them engage and grow a community spanning casual and competitive gamers alike.

When does that start?

Next week! (Tuesday, September 11th, to be exact!)

I’ll be streaming to the PlayerOnePlayz channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8am – 12pm ET. You can expect pretty much the same content as you would during my normal streams, with a focus on multiplayer and competitive game play. Splatoon 2, Fortnite, and (eventually) Super Smash Bros Ultimate are going to be my main titles, but I might throw in a few other Nintendo games along the way. Keep in mind, I’m not the only streamer on their channel! There are several other amazing streamers, such as

Worth noting, since Mauve signed a contract to work exclusively my channel, she will be taking Tuesdays and Thursdays off to partying with Camille. You’ll have to hold on to your Sea Snails for my normal streams on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Don’t worry, I have both my Stream Decks loaded with all the memes you know and love!

Anything else?

I’ve been told that you’re REALLY going to want to be there next week (and throughout the month) while I first start out with streaming to the PlayerOnePlayz channel. It’s Subtember after all, and the Player One staff are planning on throwing subs around like crazy. If you want a chance to snag one, definitely come hang out in the streams!

In the meantime, go check out Player One and see what they’re all about:

Facebook: Player One Esports
Twitter: @Player1Esports
Instagram: Player1Esports
YouTube: Player One Esports
Twitch: PlayerOneEsports
Twitch: PlayerOnePlayz

If you’re interested in participating in their tournaments and events, you can also join their Discord server!