One of the channel’s unique features is the Octo Valley mini game. The Octo Valle mini game is based on the story mode of Splatoon – players must infiltrate the Octarian base and rescue the Zapfish! By wagering a number of your existing Super Sea Snails (the loyalty points you earn by watching the channel) you can essentially gamble for a chance to double your points! Here’s how it works:

  1. A viewer intitiates and Octo Valley mission using the command !octovalley # (# being the number of points you want to wager)
  2. Other viewers have two minutes to join in by using the command !octovalley #
  3. Once the timer is up, the mission will start. The RoboMauve will calculate the chances of success based on how many people joined the mission.
  4. Based on the results, some players will pass – and some will fail. It’s possible for everyone to pass, or for everyone to fail!
  5. Winners will be awarded points based on how many people joined.

The more players that join, the higher the winnings will be – but a large number of players mean the Octarians will put up a bigger fight, which means it’ll be harder to win!