Introducing Smash4UBot

To better facilitate viewer battles for Super Smash Bros, I’ve implemented Smash4UBot. Originally developed by TahaaK, Smash4UBot does a better job of managing viewer queues than RoboMauve currently can. (Sorry, RoboMauve!) Starting today, the bot will be a regular resident of the channel.

Smash4UBot is easy to use, here’s a list of commands recognized by the bot:

  • !howto – instructions on how to join the queue
  • !list – shows the current list of people in the queue
  • !status – tells you whether the list is closed or open
  • !join – join the queue
  • !dropspot – drop your spot in the list
  • !spot – check your spot in line and estimated time until it is your turn

If you’re a streamer who plays fighting games, I highly recommend trying out Smash4UBot on your own channel! It’s free to use, easy to set up, and works for games other than Smash! To get Smash4UBot on your Twitch channel, go to and in the chat, type ” !joinchannel “. (Be sure to set a channel mod role to Smash4UBot to access its features!)