What's up?

I'm Googie, and this is my home page! If you don't know who I am, then let me fill you in...

I'm a Twitch streamer that caters to those interested in multiplayer games. Many of my streams involve including the viewers in our multiplayer gaming sessions. We play a little bit of everything, from Call of Duty to Minecraft, Pokemon to Animal Crossing, and lots more. You can occasionally catch a 3D modeling or graphic design stream every now and then as well!

I set up this site as a place to dump some useful info and links. Here's some of what you can find:

  • Bot commands for RoboMauve, my channel's bot
  • A link to our community Discord Server
  • Info regarding our Minecraft Server, including an interactive live map
  • Contact information

Thanks for stopping by!

- Googie