A list of commands for RoboMauve, Googie's personal chatbot. Most of these work on Twitch () and Discord (), and some can be DM'd () to the bot on either platform. Some commands require Super Sea Snails  to use. You can earn Super Sea Snails by watching the stream or gambling existing Sea Snails in Octo Valley Missions!

Chat Commands

  • !help - Displays a link to this site!
  • !fortune - Get your daily fortune cookie!
  • !googiefact - Learn an interesting fact about Googie! (2500 pts)
  • !leaderboard - Displays the top Super Sea Snail holders!
  • !lurk - Let Googie know you're lurkin'
  • !octovalley # - Gamble points on a Zapfish rescue mission!
  • !points/!seasnails - Check your current Super Sea Snails balance
  • !prime - Get a free subscription with Twitch Prime!
  • !quote - Pulls a random quote from the channel's storied history
  • !slots - Gamble some points and roll the slots machine! (100 pts)
  • !sub - Displays info on how to Subscribe
  • !tip - Displays info on how to tip Googie
  • !twitter - Displays Googie's Twitter
  • !uptime - See how long Googie's been streaming!

Game Specific Commands

  • !3ds - Display Googie's 3DS Friend Code
  • !battlenet - Display Googie's Battle.net ID
  • !join - Join the queue for viewer battles in Smash and Pokemon
  • !nnid - Display Googie's Nintendo Network ID
  • !psn - Display Googie's PSN tag
  • !steam - Display Googie's Steam username
  • !switch - Display Googie's Nintendo Switch Friend Code

Sound and Video Effects

  • !ohno - Knuckles sez: "OHNO!" (250 pts)
  • !woomy - Woomy~ (250 pts)
  • !charge - Initiate a charge against the enemy team! (250 pts)