Channel Updates! 03/02/2020

Hey gang!

After taking some time off for a much needed vacation, I wanted to take some time to plan out what I want for the streams going forward. Every now and again, a change of pace helps me keep the creative juices flowing, and gives y’all something fresh to look forward to!

What are we gonna stream?

Going forward, I wanna shift gears a bit and go for a more chill vibe on-stream. I’ll be streaming Monster Hunter and Modern Warfare less, in favor of games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Persona 5 Royal. I’ve really enjoyed how laid back some of the 3D modeling/Unity streams have been, so I want to try to fit more of that into our schedule. I’m hoping this will give us the opportunity to add more neat downloads to the #subscriber-goodies channel on Discord as well!

For those of you who really like Monster Hunter and Modern Warfare, fret not! I’ll still be streaming those games to Discord in the evenings, as my schedule permits.

I heard you’re nuking the meme commands!?!

Since we’re going for a laid back vibe, I trimmed down the commands list a bit. Most of the cuts were for the longer video commands, but we trimmed out a few of the audio. Basically, if it resulted in a sound that would be jarring for a viewer who may just be lurking with the stream in the background, it got trimmed out. You can view the updated commands list here.

Something something merch shop?

We also have a new merch shop! If you’re interested in shirts with poorly made memes super cool art, you should totally check it out! Not only are the prices low, but any purchases you make help support the channel! New designs and merch will be added as StreamElements adds new functionality to their shop. If you don’t find something you like now, be sure to check it out later!

Anything else?

Nope, that’s about it! I’m looking forward to the new games we’ll be streaming soon, and I hope you do as well! As always, thank you SO MUCH for all the love and support you give. Streaming and hanging out with y’all in Discord is the highlight of my day, and I want to put in every effort to give you guys the best community I can!~