Oh hey, look at you! You’re actually taking the time to read this! Good job!

So I know rules are kind of a drag, but they all exist for a reason. Usually, breaking a rule results in a warning, a second time results in a time out, and the third time results in a ban. A time out doesn’t mean I hate you, it’s just a way of saying “hey, take a second to think this through before you post.” Okay, so….

Keep it PG-13.

As a Nintendo streamer, younger folks make up a large part of my audience. Swearing and innuendos are okay, but let’s try to keep the F-bombs and hentai discussion to a minimum, yeah? I don’t need angry mothers emailing me about how my stream is tainting their children’s minds.

Links are blocked by default.

Thank the spam bots for this one. If you have a link to share, you’ll need to ask a mod to use the !permit command on you first. If you’re a Subscriber, you don’t need to worry about anything, since Subscribers can share links!

Excessive backseat playing/streaming is frowned upon.

If I need help or want tips, I’ll generally ask for it after failing a few times. You may be a top speed runner for the game I’m playing, or a top tier competitive player, but you’re not the one broadcasting. If you think you could do a better job, by all means feel free to demonstrate that on your own channel.

Don’t self promote your channel.

If you’re wondering “when is it appropriate to talk about MY stream” – you’re not here for the right reasons. I suggest your read my advice article on viewer etiquette.

I don’t do Follow 4 Follow, I don’t do shout outs, and I don’t host people who ask for it.

I don’t mind answering questions about streaming, or giving advice when asked. However, if I feel you are trying to passively promote yourself or that it’s detracting from what’s currently going on in the stream, I’ll ask that you drop the discussion. Please respect that.

Don’t ask for free stuff.

I generally don’t do giveaways, since they tend to attract people for the wrong reasons.

Hate speech of any kind is not welcome.

I shouldn’t need to explain this rule. Bring this kind of stuff into the chat, and you’ll be receive a swift smack from the ban hammer.