So I know rules are kind of a drag, but they all exist for a reason. Breaking a rule results in a warning, a second time results in a time out, and the third time results in a ban.

A time out doesn’t mean I hate you, it’s just a way of saying “take a second to think this through before you post.”

Be excellent to one another.

Treat each other with respect. It’s common sense, really.

Hate speech and bullying are never welcome.

I shouldn’t need to explain this rule. Bring this kind of stuff into the chat, and you’ll be receive a swift smack from the ban hammer.

Don’t be an edge lord.

We’ve got a pretty open sense of humor here, but this isn’t 4chan. If you’re gonna tell an offensive joke, you’d better hope the offended party is laughing.

Ask to share links.

Thank the spam bots for this one. If you have a link to share, you’ll need to ask a mod to use the !permit command on you first. If you’re a Subscriber or a VIP, you don’t need to worry about anything, since Subs and VIPs can share links with the need of the !permit command!

Keep it chill.

We want everyone to have a good time, and we’re empathetic to those who might be going through stuff. However, if you’re persistently bringing down the mood you’ll be asked to take it elsewhere.

Go easy on the self promotion.

I don’t mind answering questions or giving advice regarding streaming streaming. However, if I feel you are trying to promote yourself or that it’s detracting from what’s currently going on in the stream, I’ll ask that you drop the discussion.