Who am I?

I'm Googie. Born and raised on Nintendo, my first game was Pokemon Blue Version. I haven't been able to put down video games ever since, and my love for gaming has been the cornerstone of almost all my friendships. Since my Game Boy Color days, I've since branched out and now I play games across every major platform. I really enjoy playing multiplayer games. Whether it's working together or competing for a win, I really dig how games can bring people together to experience all sorts of different adventures.

Why I started streaming

Growing up, I got to be a witness to the evolution of multiplayer gaming. I started streaming to share my love of gaming, and to celebrate the way games can connect us. Through streaming, I've made many amazing friends, and I have had the chance to be a positive beacon for others. After one year of streaming, I found myself surprised at just how much I've grown, and the amazing community I've helped built. I want to continue this journey and see just how far we can go!

Watch the Stream

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My Setup

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